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Risky Riders eBook - Survive the Ride!

Risky Riders eBook - Survive the Ride!

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Bali, the beautiful people, the sunsets, the beaches, the jungles, the vistas, the culture! Oh what a destination! 
There is a million or more reasons why you chose to visit the extraordinary island of Bali. Learning to ride a motorcycle in crazy traffic wasn't one of them, but hey, everybody's doing it so why not?


We get it.. Bali is best on two wheels. 


You have heard about the freedom, the independence, the sense of adventure. The unique experience of living life on your terms, in your own style, on your own time. It's like a tribal drum, over and over. Everything you so desperately crave to make your experience in Bali more "real".


Have you also heard how dangerous these roads truly are? Have you heard people say that almost everything you ever learnt about driving doesn't apply in Bali? 

Fortunately you have found us!


Our practical and easy to follow guide is packed full of knowledge and experience acquired through genuine research directly at the source. We have the real scoop of what it takes to ride a scooter in Bali. In Risky Riders, we get right down to the nitty gritty of what it takes to survive the ride!


If you have never ridden a scooter before or you are an experienced rider who is not sure of how to handle the chaos on Bali roads, you will gain a powerful understanding of what to expect and how to take control of the many questionable scenarios and illogical situations you will inevitably face on your many adventures across the island. 


We highly recommend you pick up the Risky Riders guide to gain a life saving insight and to also take advantage of our fun and memorable training days or tours to expand your skill set and build confidence on the road in a group environment while meeting great new friends on a similar journey. 


Stay safe Risky Riders.




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