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Digital Training Pack

Digital Training Pack

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Forget EVERY blog you have ever read! The truth is in this training pack.

The only online opportunity to learn the real and complete information from the source! 


How many times have we all heard:

"There's no road rules in Bali!" 

Most blogs are filled with this false information that causes more harm than good!


Not only is there legitimate and enforceable road and traffic laws, there is also local rules and "the way its done".


Find out all this and more in Bali Safe Rider's Digital Training pack.


What you get: 

  1. Risky Riders eBook
  2. Bali Safe Rider Official Training Video
  3. Road Rules and Regulations presentation
  4. Traffic & Signs Presentation
  5. 20 Minute Video Chat with Bali Safe Rider's Chief Instructor Marsel to ask any questions you may have


Purchasers of our Digital Training Pack will receive 20% discount for physical lessons booked online!


Riding in Bali doesn't have to be risky, learn the true facts and laws behind Bali's dangerous and misunderstood roads.

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Simply click on:

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You can pay by any bank card you choose. 

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