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After you finish your scooter lesson when you can still feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, you might want to go anywhere riding your scooter. But some of the roads in Bali might not be the right choice for you after your lesson. There’s a lot of tricky roads in Bali, especially when it comes the rainy season. You must be extra careful to choose a destination to visit, the road can be very slippery and at some point it could be very hilly or the road is very small and packed with a lot of vehicles.

Before you decide where to go when you ride a scooter, you must know your capability after a scooter lesson. You may choose a destination where the track is flat and maybe a less busy road. Then you have to understand the roads you’re about to take, think about something you might find on your way to your destination and how you will react about it.


As a beginner rider who just took a scooter lesson in Bali, you might want to go to places on your own but there will be a self doubt that comes along in your excitement when you’re about to hit the road. Here is some list of a reachable destination for you who just took a beginner scooter lesson where the road is accessible and you will not find many obstacles.

These are the top 5 list of reachable destinations for a beginner scooter rider.

1. Pantai Duyung

Known as Pantai Hyatt, Pantai Duyung is a very easy track for beginner scooter riders. The road you will take is quite big and the access is very easy. Sometimes the road can be busier in the afternoon, but the situation still very much makes sense and we believe after you take a scooter lesson you can handle it easily.

2. Pantai Padma

Padma beach has similar tracks with Pantai Duyung. The track is very easy, the road is about the same size as the Pantai Duyung access. The difference is when you go to Padma beach the traffic situation is a lot busier after 3pm because there will be a lot of people there to enjoy the sunset. You have to be extra careful and not rush yourself.

3. Peninsula Island

Located inside of the ITDC area, makes the traffic is less crowded than on the main road of Bali. It’s a good area to practice your riding skill too because they have a huge parking area and you can just simply practice your skill by riding around the ITDC area. One of the iconic places on Peninsula Island is the Waterblow, where you can see big waves crashing through the rocks.

4. Batu Belig Beach

The access to Batu Belig beach is quite big and it’s very easy to access. The traffic situation can be busier than Padma beach in the afternoon. They even have a big parking lot, so you just have to be really careful of the traffic jams especially when you go there after 4pm.

5. Bajra Sandhi Monument

This place is for you who wants to experience the city tour of Bali. The access to this monument site is very easy too, the roads are big enough, and it’s less crowded than the Seminyak road. Most local people spend their afternoons at the monument jogging and spend their time with their family. The road is well maintained, it will be very safe for you to ride around that area.

Have you decided which place to go after your scooter lesson? If you feel not satisfied and you want to explore Bali further, you can start considering taking an intermediate level scooter lesson at Bali Safe Rider. As we know that Bali’s roads can be very busy and hilly, you might need more knowledge about different situations on Bali’s Road. You will be handled by a professional instructor and not just a physical lesson, but you will get all the knowledge you need to bring your riding skill to the next level. Or if you know how to ride but are not sure of these locations join our scooter day tours.

Book your lesson or scooter tour now with Bali Safe Rider!

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