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Riding a scooter is like a culture in most of the countries in Southeast Asia. If you visit Indonesia or Thailand, you will find a lot of people riding a motorbike or scooter to help them mobile. In Indonesia most people prefer scooters or motorbikes because it’s cheaper than cars or even public transportation and it can get you to your destination faster than any other options because of the traffic situation. The traffic situation here in Bali is actually busier than you can ever imagine, there’s a lot of traffic jams and bumpy roads. You will find the road is small and very dark at night, these situations can be very dangerous for you who have never ridden a scooter before or for you who had experience in riding a scooter but not familiar with the traffic or road situation.


If you’re planning to go to Bali or any country in Southeast Asia, you can start considering renting a motorbike or a scooter so you can explore your destination to the best of it. Don’t worry if you never had an experience before, here are some tips for you before you take a ride.

1. Don’t hover your hand over the break

When you ride a scooter or motorbike, your hand must be on the handlebar unless you want to make a stop. If you want to make a stop, slowly move your hand and hover over the brake and slowly hit the brakes when you are already slowing down.

2. Always have a flat wrist while using throttle

Do not reach the throttle way forward, it will make it harder to handle while using throttle. Make sure you have a flat wrist when you are about to start using throttle so you can control it easily. This is very important, so your scooter won’t jump and go crazy at start.

3. Balance practice

The next thing you have to do is practice your balance. When you practice your balance, you will automatically practice handling the throttle too. When you are practicing your balance make sure there is someone to supervise you in case something unwanted happens to you.

4. Wear Safety Gears

There are a lot of safety gears for you to put on. We recommend you put on a good quality helmet, knee pads, and elbow protector to ensure your safety while practicing riding a scooter. Once you can handle the motorbike or scooter better and feel confident enough, you can start taking off the knee and elbow protector.

5. Stay Focus

Now that you already know what you must prepare before riding the motorbike all you have to do now is just to stay focused. By being focused you will be able to handle everything. Focus on your goal and believe in yourself that you can do it. Because when you ride on the road there’s nothing that can help you more than being focused.

Now that you already know what to prepare, it’s time to take it on a physical lesson. The good thing about learning how to ride a scooter or motorbike is once you can ride it the right way and when you know how to react to unexpected situations. If something happens to you in the future at least you already know how to handle it and just stay calm in every situation.

If you’re not really sure how to learn to ride a scooter, you can contact and book a scooter lesson at Bali Safe Rider. You will be taught by a professional licensed instructor how to ride a scooter. Make sure that you choose the perfect type of lesson based on what you need and concerns.

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