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As we know, riding a motorbike or scooter is the most convenient way to explore most of Bali’s area. It’s cheaper, more efficient and a lot easier to make stops anywhere you want. One of the main reasons to ride a motorbike or scooter in Bali is because you will find a lot of small lanes to get you to your destination, also it’s faster because the road in Bali can be very crowded and chaotic. Not only can you get to your destination faster, scooters in Bali can be customized for your needs and concerns. Let’s say you’re a surfer, you are allowed to attach a surfboard rack on your scooter. Or if you want to bring your dogs to the beach, you can just add an extra space on the front for your dogs, so it’s more convenient for everybody.

On the other hand, riding a motorbike or scooter in Bali can be very risky especially at night. The road situation can be very different during the day and night time, you will find a lot of drunk riders or stalkers at night. You must be very careful at every time but make sure to be extra careful during night time.


Speaking of the risk of riding during the night time in Bali, not only drunk riders and creepy stalkers you will find. You must be extra careful of a snatcher who will come out of nowhere. They know every inch of the area you are in, and sometimes you won’t see them following you. Most of the snatchers already targeted their target from afar, and they have a sneaky trick to snatch you and run away. They are very brave and reckless, they don’t care about their target's safety. Some of cases the target might even lose their lives because the snatcher doesn't hesitate to do violence such as hitting, kicking or even cutting off their target’s bag.

Here are 5 ways to save yourself from snatcher in Bali,

1. Put your belongings under your saddle seat.

This is the most simple and efficient way to avoid snatchers, just put everything important and appealing stuff under your saddle seat. The less stuff you bring with you while riding a motorbike or scooter the safer you are.

2. Use waist bag instead

Avoid wearing a handbag or sling bag, these bags are the most appealing things for snatchers. They can easily grab your bag and snatch it, and you will fall off your motorbike or scooter after they snatch it. This is very dangerous, and in some cases will lead to big medical bills or even death. Just wear a waist bag and hide it under your clothes or jacket and make sure to bring just important stuff inside your bag.

3. Do not use your phone while riding

If you use your phone while riding a scooter, you make yourself an easy target for the snatchers. Put your phone away if you want to be safe, on the other hand you will pay fines of Rp 750.000 for using your phone while riding a scooter.

4. Do not wear a valuable accessory

While riding a scooter make sure you do not wear anything attractive such as nice and valuable jewelry. You will automatically be a target if the snatcher sees you on the road with valuable jewelry.

5. Do not Chase the Snatcher

Last but not least, do not try to catch them if you get snatched. They are reckless and do not hesitate to ride fast anywhere, they also know every inch of the road. It’s what they do, so they know what they are doing. Lots of foreigners almost lost their lives because they tried to catch the snatcher.

Now you know how to avoid the snatchers, keep in mind that snatchers are among us and there’s nothing wrong by being extra careful anywhere. There is no recommendation of chasing the snatchers even if you already took a scooter lesson anywhere, it’s very dangerous.

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