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Really enjoyed the lesson! Guys are super friendly and thoughtful 👍 all the advice and recommendations we’re up to the point and practice helped a lot to gain more confidence on the roads . Would highly recommend 🙌

Anna, Belarus

Scooter Training Courses

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Welcome to Bali Safe Rider Scooter Lessons – the premier scooter school in Bali.


Our goal is to provide the highest level of scooter training, tailored specifically to your needs. We understand that each student has their unique concerns and requirements, which is why we customize each lesson to ensure your maximum benefit.


You deserve the best training to help you become a safe and confident rider. Our experienced instructors are committed to ensuring your safety and progress exceeds your expectation.


If you have a specific request, question or concern please use this form to contact us.

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We are passionate about saving lives.
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To share our knowledge and improve road safety. 

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