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WE are all

We are so happy to see you here!

Too many people have serious accidents on Bali's roads.


We decided to do something about it. 

We are here to share our knowledge and training to improve the safety of everybody on the road. 

Our mission is simple: Eliminate and Educate


Eliminate the common misconception that every "blogger" likes to spread:


"What road rules? They don't exist! I'll do what I want!" 


Believe it, road rules do exist and it really helps if you know them!

Not only do actual legislated road laws exist, there is also a level of local customs and unwritten rules that locals abide by that often mean the opposite of what you would expect.



Prepare you for the inevitable challenges you will be forced to contend with while attempting to ride a scooter on the roads of Bali.

Riding the scooter is not so hard. With a little bit of practice you will be surprised how easy it can be. If you can already ride a motorbike or scooter, we are even happier that you are here! 


The problem isn't riding the scooter, it is understanding the roads and the recognising the danger when it's staring you down. 


Learning the language of the roads is the key to understanding the dangers and successfully handling them.

Please don't risk your life on the roads of Bali without having a better understanding of how the roads work. Save yourself from scary situations by being armed with the knowledge, tips and techniques you will discover in Risky Riders - Survive the Ride. The ebook was written by Bali Safe Rider to make the local knowledge easily attainable and affordable.

To develop your skills and confidence, we would love to see you at our training and tour days. Whether you are a new rider or experienced we have the perfect day planned for you. Bring your friends or make new ones! 

We want you to have a safe and memorable adventure in Bali. Whether you are here for a week or a lifetime, you will find value in our training that will make your visit exponentially better and potentially save your life. 

Get started now for only $14.90 Here.

Stay safe Risky Riders! 

Motor Scooter Drivers
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